Berkley Slomo Jig Nuclear Chicken 40g

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Well-designed, bright-coloured jigs for slow jigging

The Berkley Slomo Jig is specifically designed to be jigged with a slow rod tip action or from a rod left in a rod holder, allowing your boat's rocking action to work the jig. It features a streamlined shape that increases the fluttering action on the drop.

Deepwater fish simply can't resist the Slomo's holographic flash finish, and spinning blade - all designed to work at the slowest of speeds. And what's more, the nuclear chicken pattern, UV coating and flash make a great combination for attracting your target species at all water depths. Plus, its double assist hook rig provides positive hooking and holding power. The Berkley Slomo Jig is ideal for saltwater species like Snapper, Gurnard, and Kahawai.

Berkley Slomo Jig Features:
  • Replaceable squid assist rigs
  • Lifelike 3D eyes
  • Movable ball bearing spinner blade
  • Designed for slow jig action
  • Type: slow jig
  • Size: 40g
  • Colour: Nuclear Chicken
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