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Actisense NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexer

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Actisense NDC-4-AIS NMEA Multiplexer

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Flexible multiplexing with preconfigured versions for Autoswitching or AIS operation.

The Actisense NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexers is flexible and powerful enough to be the heart of a simple system, or one of many Actisense products in a more complex system. It provides complete access to all NMEA 0183 data sources, configurable filters to remove unwanted data, as well as enabling an on-board PC to read and add the combined data stream.

The Actisense NDC-4 and NDC-4-USB allow up to five OPTO isolated NMEA 0183 sources to be multiplexed into a single stream. Factory preconfigured versions enable the NDC-4 to be used out of the box for AIS operation (NDC-4-AIS) or as an Autoswitch (NDC-4-ASW). Two flexible ISO-Drive outputs allow two different downstream talker baud rates to be created, ensuring maximum system flexibility.

Actisense NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexers Features:
  • 5 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 Data Inputs allowing the input to work correctly with long cable runs, and/or in a noisy environment
  • 2 ISO-Drive Flexible Outputs fully compatible with the RS422 (NMEA 0183), RS485 and RS232 connections on the NMEA listening device(s) the NDC-4 supplies data to, and offers total galvanic isolation of up to 1500v between the output and ground
  • NMEA and PC (USB/ISO-Drive) Outputs
  • Powerful Processor - the ARM 32-bit microcontroller is capable of 40 million instructions per second, with very large NMEA data buffers to allow smoothing of short-term peaks in the NMEA data flow
  • Flash Upgradeable
  • Combine Mode: Intelligent Software filters the valid data from all active inputs, using the configured Inclusion lists, and then combines the remaining data using a simple priority system
  • Autoswitch Mode: Intelligent Software determines the highest priority device with valid data
  • Very Low Current Consumption - ideal for small vessels with small batteries.
  • Diagnostic Tri-Colour LED that indicates current operation mode, volume of data being multiplexed, or if a hardware fault has been detected
  • IP66/IP68 Case and Gland Design - a very robust polycarbonate case with a high waterproof certification
  • High Quality Angled Screw Terminals that make cable installation a simple and quick operation

Actisense NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexers Specifications:
Parameter Description Min. Max. Unit
Supply voltage   10 35 V
Supply current Supply voltage 12v (no load) - 360mWatts 32 34 mA
  Supply voltage 24v (no load) 17 18 mA
Opto-isolated in        
Input voltage tolerance

Continuous operation

Short term operation (<1 sec)







Differential input voltage Required level for data to be detected 1.8 - V
Input current   - 2 mA
Input to ground Full Galvanic Opto-isloation protection - 2500 V
Baud rate In 0-3: Independant configurable baud rates  4800  57600  bps 
Data propagation delay Time taken from input to output 1 100 msec
ISO-Drive out NMEA 0183 version 1-3 and PC Serial      
Output current RS485/RS422/RS232 compatible - 22 mA
Diferential output voltage 100 ohm load 2.1 - V
Output to ground Full Galvanic isolation protection - 1500 V
Output to output Full Galvanic isolation protection - 1500 V
Baud rate Out 0-1; Independant configurable baud rates 4800 115200 bps
USB interface NDC-4-USB only      
Interface version USB v1.1 (fully compatible with USB v2.0)      
Ambient temperature   -20 +70 degreesC
Guarantee Actisense guarantee   -  3 Years 
Gland clamping range Cable diameters accommodated 4.5 10 mm

Actisense NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexers Manual

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