Whale Heat Air Space 5GTE Heater Kit

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Heat things up

The Whale Heat Air Space 5GTE Heater is an upgraded version of Whale’s 4G heater. Ideal for caravans and mobile homes, this compact heater runs on gas and electricity - giving you extra heating power. It’s also easy to use and heats up faster than regular heaters. Install the Whale Heat Air Space 5GTE Heater so you’ll never feel cold again.

Whale Heat Air Space 5GTE Heater Features:
  • Suitable for caravans, motorhomes and camper vans
  • Compact - saves space inside the vehicle
  • Narrow rotatable design
  • Faster heat up times
  • Quiet night mode
  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel
  • Versatile - runs on gas and electric

Whale Heat Air Space 5GTE Heater Specifications:

  • CE: 0086/11
  • ECE R122: E13 122R - 000174
  • ECE R10: E11 10R-10791
  • Ingress protection: IP 45

Electric 230V AC
  • Heat In-/Output: 0.75, 1.50, 3.00kW
  • Current rating: 3.3, 6.6, 13.0A
  • Rated Fuse Size: 16A

  • Type: Butane/Propane 30mbar - CAT I3B/P(30)
  • Heat input: 1.5, 3.2, 4.7kW
  • Consumption: 109, 233, 342g/h
  • Combined electric + gas output: 4.3kW

Electric 12V DC
  • Voltage: 10.1 to 15.9V
  • Current draw range: 0.6 - 3.3A
  • Current draw average: 1.4A
  • Standby*: 0.008A
  • Rated fuse size: 10

  • Storage: -40 to +70deg C
  • Operation: -20 to +50deg C
  • Control: +5 to +32deg C

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 559 x 165 x 175mm
  • Weight: 8.7kg
  • Max air flow at 0.5mbar: 220m3/h
  • Altitude range**: 0 - 2750m

What’s in the box:
  • Heat Air 5 GT unit
  • Coms cable
  • Control panel
  • Flue kit

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