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SIM card for Iridium prepaid worldwide airtime

This Iridium Prepaid Sim Card will work with the Iridium GO! Satellite WiFi Hotspot for Smartphones. This sim card will work virtually anywhere on the planet thanks to Iridium’s pole-to-pole satellite network. Airtime not included.

Activating your Iridium GO! Prepaid Sim Card requires your:
  • SIM number
  • IMEI number
  • Any Prepaid Iridium Airtime E-Voucher code.

Please purchase Iridium airtime along with your sim card to avoid delays in activation.

Iridium GO! Prepaid Sim Card Features:
  • Prepaid SIM card
  • Works with Iridium GO! Satellite WiFi Hotspot for Smartphones
  • This sim requires the purchase of an Iridium Prepaid E-Voucher in order to be activated.

Returns: Is my Iridium Airtime Refundable?
Please be aware that once loaded, Iridium Airtime is non-refundable. Please make sure that this is the correct airtime and provider you require for your Iridium SIM and Iridium unit.

Returns: Can you deactivate my Iridium SIM card and credit me back?
Please note that Iridium SIM cards cannot be deactivated once it is activated under your account, and your unused credits cannot be refunded to you. Please make sure that this is the correct SIM card and provider you require for your phone or unit.

Can I use any SIM card with airtime I purchase?
Iridium Airtime activation requires an Iridium Prepaid SIM card supplied by Marine Deals. Your SIM card will need to be activated and registered to you. You will receive an email from us once we've loaded the airtime onto your SIM card. Please note top-ups and activations can take several business days to process. As top-ups and SIM cards are non-refundable, please make sure you have purchased the correct airtime and provider required for your unit.

When will my purchased Iridium Airtime be activated?
Please be aware that activating airtime units is a manual process carried out through Marine-Deals. It can only be done during office hours - between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and not on public holidays. Please allow 1-2 working days for activation and top-up.

What happens if I don't top up my active Iridium GO! Prepaid Sim Card?
When you don't top up your sim card, it will enter a 270-day grace period where it remains activated even without any airtime loaded into it. If it goes beyond 270 days, a SIM Reactivation Fee will need to be charged in order to load a new voucher on your account and reactivate your sim card. During reactivation, your existing Iridium phone number is not guaranteed to be preserved - you will be assigned a new number if it is no longer available.

If you would rather not pay the reactivation fee, you can always purchase a new Iridium prepaid sim instead. We will send you your sim and a new phone number will be assigned to it upon activation.

Does this fall under your 28-day Money Back Guarantee?
Due to the nonrefundable nature and immediate activation of this product, it does not fall under our 28-day Money Back Guarantee which states a product must be unused in order to qualify.

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