Squidgies Pro Flick Bait with S-Factor Attractant 110mm Flash Prawn

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Irresistible soft bait!

A favourite among fishos around the world, the Squidgies Pro Flick Bait's unique composition produces a lot of movement with very little effort. And what's more, the special material makes it last a lot longer than traditional soft baits. Now you can catch more fish with just one bait!

Colour and Scent Combined
The new colour range of the Squidgies Pro Flick Baits are specially made to look like Pilchards, slimy Mackerel and other baitfish. And what's more it features the S-Factor Attack Trigger; a scent that sends fish into a feeding frenzy. Once the fish get a hint of the attractive lure and its scent, it's a sure catch!

Squidgies Pro Flick Bait with S-Factor Attractant Features:
  • Forked tail for added action
  • Suitable for most jig head styles or unweighted
  • Biodegradable
  • 110mm pack
  • Colour: Flash Prawn
  • Contains 10 plastic lures
  • Colour: Flash Prawn

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