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Floundering - a Kiwi tradition...

Flounder spearing is an entertaining way to spend your evening with friends and family (and a delicious meal to follow). Show More...

The most common 'flatties' are the sand flounder, yellowbelly flounder and lemon sole. Flatfish live on a diet of small crustaceans like worms and crabs and are caught either netting or spearing with a torch or lamp at night in shallow water. The best time for floundering is November through to February when the flounder come up the estuaries to spawn.

Essential gear includes a good light, a spear, a bag for the fish and some decent dive booties. Note: single prong spears without barbs are perfectly fine for spearing in NZ, simply slide your hand under the speared fish before lifting it out of the water.

Netting is very effective, be it drag netting or set netting. See our Netting page for more info on this very productive method of fishing.


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