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Surfcasting & Rock Fishing - the Kiwi classic...

New Zealand's coast means there's no lack of access to good spots for surfcasting or rock fishing.Show More...

The more remote you go, the more successful you will be. Anyone can fish at Mission Bay but if you head to Spirits Bay you are more likely to haul in that 12 kg snapper.

Long fishing rods, with reels with large line capacity are used. Traditionally mono filament line is used, but now people are starting to use braid more and more, due to its superior sensitivity and strength around knots.

If you are fishing from the beach where you need a long cast, use a 12 to 14ft rod. Use breakout aerodynamically shaped sinkers for casting long distances.

Most people use spinning reels, which are easier to cast with. You can use overhead, but you run the risk of overrun and birds nests.

Traditional Octopus hooks - sizes 3 to 10 are the most common.

Rock fishing usually requires a long rod but if you are already in fairly deep water you can get away with a 7’ rod.

Burleying can product awesome results for rock fishing as can night fishing off rocks - the big fish come into feed in the shallows at night.

A recent sport is taking off called fish stalking. Fishos wearing polarised glassed scout remote locations where the water is clear, and try spot the fish and use softbait techniques to lure the fish. Folks are also having success with softbaiting off ledges.

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