Mono PERC Solar Panel 200W

Warranty Badge - 12-Months
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Mono PERC 12V Solar Panel 100W

Mono PERC 12V Solar Panel 100W

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High reliability with guaranteed power output

The Mono PERC 12V Solar Panel is built with PERC (passivated emitter and rear contact) cells which capture more sunlight, making them more efficient than traditional solar panels. Each unit is constructed with ultra-white tempered glass for high light transmittance and improved module efficiency. They’re also fitted with bypass diodes to minimise power loss in low light conditions.

Plus, the waterproof junction box and tough meridian-treated aluminium frame provide protection against the harsh elements. A quality product that’s sure to bring lots of value for your money.

Mono PERC 12V Solar Panel Features:
  • High-efficiency PERC cells
  • High reliability with guaranteed power output
  • Bypass diodes minimise power loss with shading
  • 25 years linear power warranty for stable output
  • Automatic solar cell soldering ensures perfect solar cell layout
  • Waterproof junction box - rated for marine use
  • Ultra-white tempered glass with high light transmittance and low iron to improve module efficiency
  • Meridian-treated aluminium frame with installation slot
  • Anti-aging EVA

Mono PERC 12V Solar Panel Specifications:
  • Module number: FSM-200W
  • Cell type: Mono Perc
  • Peak power (Pmax): 200Wp
  • Power tolerance range (%): 0~ +3%
  • Open circuit voltage /VOC: 22.68V
  • Max power voltage /VMP: 18.40V
  • Short ciruit current / ISC: 11.20A
  • Max power current / IMP: 10.80A
  • Maximum system voltage: 1000V DC
  • Temperature cofficient of Voc: -(80+10)mV/℃
  • Temperature coefficient of Isc: (0.065+0.015)%/℃
  • Temperature cofficient of power: -(0.5+0.05)%/℃
  • NOCT (Air 20℃; Sun 0.8kW/℃twind 1m/s): 47±2℃
  • Operating temperature" -40℃ to 85℃
  • Power tolerance: ±3%
  • Dimensions: 1480 x 670 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 12.1kg

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