Duel Knives Acrylic Handle Fillet Knife with Sheath DK1B 9in

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Ultra sharp and easy to handle

The Duel Knives DK1B Fillet Knife's blade is manufactured from high quality steel designed to withstand shocks and stresses more than carbon steel. The high chrome molybdenum content gives enhanced protection against corrosion and improves cutting qualities by reducing friction. And what's more the handle is moulded from Acetyl to provide strength, comfort, durability and a smooth finish.

Duel Knives DK1B Acrylic Handle Fillet Knife Features:
  • Ultra sharp and easy to handle
  • Blade material: high quality steel
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion
  • Improved cutting qualities
  • Handle material: Acetyl
  • Steel composition: C.27, SI.180, MN .150, P.019, S.003, CR13.03, NI.070
  • Sheath material: pro poly prop webbing with polyethylene knife insert and stitched with rot proof materials

  • Note: Please do not place any Duel knives through a dishwasher cycle.
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