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There are three main varieties when it comes to fishing line; Nylon monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braided, each with their own advantages.Show More...

Nylon (Monofilament)
Nylon is the cheapest out of the three and is aptly suited to beginners as it is very easy to tie knots with and is suitable for most styles of fishing.

Fluorocarbon has many of the same qualities as Nylon except that it goes practically invisible in water. It is not common to use this as a mainline; however, if you are targeting line shy fish such as Terakihi the qualities of fluorocarbon would be very advantageous.

Although it has been around for years, braided line has become more prominent in the New Zealand environment since the rise of the soft baiting epidemic and is now used through a variety of different fishing techniques. Braided line is a much finer line than the monofilament counterparts above and offers a strength-to-diameter ratio that is unsurpassed. On top of this, braided line distinctively has ‘no stretch’ capabilities offering an incredible amount of sensitivity and a real ‘feel’ for the bite. This has had many fishermen dropping nylon lines all together and replacing them with the super sensitive braided lines. However, a good thing can’t go completely unchallenged. The thinner diameters of braided line create their own issues as it becomes a lot more difficult to tie secure knots.

A leader is the section of line that runs between your mainline and your hook. Leader line is the line that you should use to tie your rigs together with. As a rule of thumb for most styles of fishing your leader should be 2-3 times the rating of your mainline. If you want a more natural presentation of your bait, 2 times the rating of your mainline will be sufficient. If you are fishing near any rough ground or want a more robust line, applying a leader 3 times your current rating would be recommended. Braided line is not used as a leader, which narrows down your choice to either a Nylon or Fluorocarbon based material. Fluorocarbon tends to be more expensive but a much more efficient line. It also ties a lot better to braided line, which is why it is the leader of choice for any soft bait fisherman.

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