Ocean Angler Slow Jig Slider Lure Pack with Tackle Box

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Power packed with awesome value

The Ocean Angler Slow Jig Slider Lure Pack is loaded with the highest-quality lures and tackle carefully hand-picked to give you super performance and lots of value for your money. You get four awesome Ocean Angler lures, so you can switch it up when you feel like chasing different species. This set also includes 50m of Ocean Angler Pink Ghost Fluorocarbon Leader, all conveniently packed inside a medium Ocean Angler Tackle Packer Lure Box. The Ocean Angler Slow Jig Slider Lure Pack makes for an excellent pressie and is an absolute must-have for newbies and experts alike!

What’s included:
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Tackle Packer Lure Box Medium
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Pink Ghost Fluorocarbon Leader 50m 20lb
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Slider Rig 100g (any colour)
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Fish Fingers Jig 80g (any colour)
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Weasel UV Micro Jig 40g (any colour)
  • 1 x Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure 100g (any colour)

The Lure Box
Get your fishing tackle organised and ready to go inside the Ocean Angler Tackler Packer. The main storage area is foam padded so bulky lures can be contained safely and securely with less chance of paint damage, aided by partial dividers incorporated in the lid. The two large, horizontal gutter compartments have slot-in dividers so they can be converted into smaller spaces if desired. An internal waterproof seal surrounds the lid. The Tackler Packler is specially designed by fishos for fishos so if you need a tackle box right now, this is it.

The Leader
Ocean Angler introduces the Ocean Angler Pink Ghost Fluorocarbon Leader - masterfully crafted and designed to exact specifications to get your lure down to the strike zone as naturally as possible. This leader line comes in pink and is hard to spot underwater as light passes through easily. Plus, it’s super strong, has great wear resistance and is multilayered for easy knot tying.

The Lures
If there's fish down below, the Ocean Angler Slider Rig will find them. This deadly effective lure is easy to use and perfect for bottom fishing. It features a uniquely shaped head that slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked. This unique shape results in a natural action that mimics wounded baitfish. Pair that up with a fluttering octopus skirt and realistic eye and you've got a lure that's irresistible to a wide variety of fish species. Plus it's rigged with ultra sharp assist hooks for instant hook ups. Whether you're looking to land that 25lb Snapper, or just fishing for fun - the Ocean Angler Slider Rig will get results!

The unique design of the new Ocean Angler Fish Fingers Jig features a torpedo shape with slide that drops faster to the bottom and slices water for added movement. This jig is rigged with the Ocean Angler Slider Skirt and quality Owner SJ-41 assist hooks. Ideal for mechanical jigging for Kingfish using a micro jig rod and spin reel. Lift it and let it flutter. Its erratic wide action goes crazy on the drop.

The Ocean Angler Weasel Micro Jig is small, light and designed to flutter - great for everything from Trout to Snapper. The asymmetrical design of this little jig makes it quiver like a tiny baitfish craving to be eaten, while the beautiful finishing easily attracts the attention of predators. The Weasel Micro Jig is Ocean Angler's latest upgraded Microjig, now with Owner Hooks, UV sealer coat sprayed onto the Jig and UV tassles tied on to both hooks.

The Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure is an awesome fish-catching machine. The concept’s from Japan but the design has been tweaked by NZ lure fishing expert Paul Senior to suit NZ's marine conditions. It's a must-have for targeting Snapper over the sand and deeper water reefs. Constructed with tough hooks and life-like eyes, this lure will definitely catch you some Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai or Trevally. Squirt a blob of Secret Sauce on it to make it even more awesome and watch the fish pile up!

Ocean Angler Tackler Packer Features:
  • 1 main compartment with foam liner
  • 2 large, horizontal gutter compartments with slot-in dividers
  • Internal waterproof seal
  • Size: Medium

Ocean Angler Pink Ghost Fluorocarbon Leader Features:
  • Colour: Pink
  • Hard to spot underwater
  • Super strong
  • Greatly resistant to wear
  • Multilayered for easy knoting
  • Length: 50m
  • Size: 20lb

Ocean Angler Slider Rig Features:
  • Shaped jig head with skirts and ties
  • Weighted jig head slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked
  • Eliminates the leverage effect of the lure against the hooks
  • Large trace hole
  • Improved lead-head sliding
  • Reduced trace damage
  • Tough, seductive (and replaceable) rubber tentacles
  • Ultra sharp assist hooks
  • Weight: 100g

Ocean Angler Fish Fingers Jig Features:
  • Great for mechanical jigging
  • Goes crazy on the drop
  • Erratic wide action
  • Teflon coated Owner SJ-41 assist hooks
  • Comes rigged with Ocean Angler Slider Skirt
  • Weight: 80g

Ocean Angler Weasel Micro Jigs Features:
  • Designed to flutter
  • Quality Owner hooks with UV tassles
  • Tough split rings
  • UV reflective with UV sealed coating
  • Coated with UV blast
  • Proven shape that trigger bites
  • Great for a variety of salt water species
  • Variety of striking holographic colours
  • Weight: 40g

Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure Features:
  • Must-have when targeting Snapper over the sand and deeper water reefs
  • Weighted jig-style head
  • Small but sharp assist hook
  • Octopus skirt
  • Life-like eyes
  • Size: 100g

Note: This product is supplied in assorted colours depending on manufacturer's supply. Please note that actual product may vary slightly from the photo.

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